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November 7, 2012
First of all, congrats to America for re-electing President Obama. I watched the coverage live from 6pm PST and wow, it was a bit nerve-wracking there, but Ohio came through. As a Canadian, and therefore closer to the US than anyone else, both economically and geographically (except for maybe Mexico), this election affects me. Growing up in a border town gave me a special insight and interest in American politics. So YAY for President Obama and congratulations again.

Secondly I wanted to let you know about some changes potentially coming to the blog-you may notice I have two new badges there off to the right; Clever Girls and Blogdash. Through these two organizations I'm hoping to earn a few bucks with my writing. I promise to continue to blog with integrity and alert you to any paid-for posts, or posts in which I recieve any other kind of compensation. For example, sometime in the next month I'll be recieving a copy of a book to review. Yay for free books! For that review I wont recieve payment, but I will have a new book.

Third, through CleverGirls, I've accepted opportunities (but haven't been accepted back) for vlogging with MomPlus. If anything comes of this, you can follow my parenting related posts on Youtube, once I get it set-up. I plan to still focus most of the time on parenting with intuitive eating and HAES principles, and fighting the childhood obesity epidemic myths, but there will also be some just mommy-blogging stuff, and the occasional campaign specific post.

Being off on maternity leave has cut my working income by 45% and our household can't really afford that. Blogging nets me 9000 readers a month, give or take a few hundred, and I'd like to see something in return for my posts. Fat and Not Afraid is now 4 years old and has over 130k total views, and growing fast. I'd love to turn blogging into a part-time job while I work on my book and take care of Katherine! Maybe this will work out. Maybe not. As always, thanks for reading and sticking with me.

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