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We Have A Winner!

February 6, 2012

Last Monday I hosted a small contest to help repurpose a sign. I recieved quite a few interesting and positive entries and have chosen KellyK as the winner! Congrats, Kelly!

"KellyK January 31, 2012 wrote:

You could paint it with "Eat food. Stufff you like. As much as you want." And if there are broken cookies on there, they can stay. You could also just take the text off and cover the heart with cookies."

This very specific HAES message wont just be positive for ME puttering around the kitchen, but for everyone who comes through the space.

In other non-FA/HAES related news, there are flowers in the garden! I was coming home this morning from walking Gabe to school and I just happened to see out of the corner of my eye some green where there shouldn't have been any, hiding under some maple leaves. SO EXCITING! I didn't think anything would grow in that sandy rock pit but it looks like some crocuses and hyacinths are coming up! Now I want to move all the leaves that I put down on the other beds and see if there's anything else, but I don't think so. I went through pretty thoroughly in the summer weeding and didn't find any bulbs or roots, just sand in those ones. Next weekend I'm hoping to start my seeds indoors and do a lot of container gardening here on the patio (that way the deer and rabbits can't munch anything), but I need supplies first, like seed trays. Can you tell I love to play in the dirt and grow beautiful, delicious food?

Cucumber vine from my garden back in the Sault in 2010.

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