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Weighty Matters Gets a Gold Star

May 23, 2011

ARGH! My son has a Ninja Turtles dvd in that he's been watching nonstop since Saturday. The final episode on the disc features a bad guy that strongly reminds me of Mojo from X-Men-The Garbage Man. He's grotesquely obese, small red eyes, covered in filth from the garbage dump and drooling at the mouth.  Of course he must be too fat to walk so he rides around in a mechanical mini-tank with grasping clawed arms.  He makes bad puns about 'recycling' the turtles, who have come to rescue a bunch of homeless street people that have been kidnapped in order to be put to work in the gigantic garbage dump. It's SO FRUSTRATING to see and hear a character like this being presented to my son.

In non-cartoon related news, go read this post by Weighty Matters, a Canadian obesity watchdog blog. Normally I don't like most of what's posted but today he really gets it right! An excerpt:

"Apparently now your [Britian's] physicians are not only encouraged with words to call their patients "fat", starting next year, they'll literally get paid to do so.

Never you mind that the vast majority of physicians the world over don't have a clue what to do with their obese patients. Never you mind that the weight loss industry is an unregulated morass of snake oil and false hope. Never you mind that there is as of yet no gold-standard, reproducible treatment program. Never you mind that studies show obese patients already face cruel discrimination by health professionals, and already receive substandard care."

Amazing, no? This from someone who founded and runs the Ottawa's Bariatric Medical Institute - a multi-disciplinary, ethical, evidence-based nutrition and weight management centre.  Go read the whole thing and show the man some love. 

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