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Welcome, Carolyn! She's Fat and Not Afraid Too!

August 23, 2011

Hi everyone! In light of the new job and less time to write, and thanks to the beauty of the interwebs, Fat and Not Afraid is proud to introduce Carolyn, a new Friday blogger! Carolyn and I have had a lovely time getting to know each other over MSN since she approached me about a part-time blogging position. I hope you'll all help her to feel welcome! Her first non-intro post will be up this Friday. Without further adieu, Carolyn!

A wild blogger appears!  Aww look, it has no experience! Let's hope it doesn't hurt itself. . .

I am hoping that my first attempt at blogging goes somewhat better than my first attempt at D & D, which went something like this:

GM: You see a hole in the wall of the castle, what do you do?
Me: I stick my hand in it.
GM: you what? wait - that's what you want to do??
Me: Yeah, I want to know what's inside. I stick my hand in.
GM: uh. . . okay . . . .
Several minutes of swearing and furious dice rolling ensue. Long story short -- I die.  Who knew dungeon walls were so dangerous?  Apparently the GM did, that tricky, tricky bastard.


I am 5'8, 375lbs of tattooed, gender bending, fat loving, North Idaho dwelling awesomeness.  I have a wonderful husband, 2 extremely spoiled dogs, and 2 cats who think any movement you make is the beginning of them being fed canned food.  Seriously, it's like having your own parade through the house.  Make one sound that resembles a can lid and you'll suddenly see a line of cats, dogs and husband all staring at you with the "what are we gonna eat?" face.  It's quite precious really. But I digress. . . I am currently enrolled in school full time and studying for my degree in Psychology.  In the future, I hope to be doing some form of health counseling that blends HAES / Fat acceptance in an effort to help people recover from growing up in our body obsessed culture.  Part of the reason that I asked Jen if we could blog together, was because of the distinct feeling I have that fat acceptance is okay, unless you look like me.  The thing is, I don't fall into the "pleasingly fat" category.  I don't generally embody the air of female sexuality that goes along with being socially acceptably fat.  Granted, I know these are my insecurities, but I wanted to give them a voice.  I would like to help further the Fat Acceptance movement by sharing my experience as a Super Morbidly Obese woman who is navigating the ups & downs of living life with a body.  I also have fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and chronic depression, which has left me struggling to figure out how, exactly, do I fit into the idea of "healthy." And also with the fact that my health issues, for the most part are invisible.  Except for the parts that manifest themselves as stereotypically fat behavior (more on that in another post).

So this is somewhat of an overview of what I would like to bring to the Fat & Not Afraid community.  My musings on fat life, fat health, the experiences that have brought me to where I am today, all lavishly frosted with anecdotes about my pets and a sprinkling of craftyness when the mood strikes. (I hand embroider, sew, crochet, knit and just recently was introduced to amigurumi! SQUEE!!)

I wanted to thank Jen for her generous offer to share her space with me (especially since I approached her like a puppy on roller skates that just snorted a cup of sugar).

tl;dr - - I'm fat and I want to talk about it!

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