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Welcome to BC! Also, trip pics!

July 22, 2011

Check out my post today at Fierce Fatties wherein I review parts of the giant health guide we recieved as a part of our Welcome Wagon package. Also, some pics from our trip below. ^_^

Our first view of the mountains! It was a rainy, miserable day but they were still awe inspiring despite mostly being lost in clouds most of the day. The next day, however...

there was excellent visibility as we came down the other side of the Rockies and into coastal BC.

There it is! It says NANIMO ON IT! I was very excited.

We were all getting pretty tired so polar bear took over driving for a while.

Yes, this is IN North Vancouver. Watch out for rock slides!

This was the view from the ferry as we left the dock, another ferry coming in.

Another spectacular ferry view looking North across Howe Sound.

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