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Who's Cunt is This?!

April 25, 2010

OUR CUNT!  Sorry, I'm just coming down from a three night run of the Vagina Monologues, and that's our cheer.  Our feminist fairy godmother could ask that from anywhere in the theatre and we'll holler back the answer at any given moment.  It was an amazing, beautiful show with a fantastic cast and very supportive crew.

I realized about halfway through this past month's rehersals that the VM attracts a very specific sort of woman, and no, not just the kind of person who gets comfortable yelling 'cunt' at the top of her lungs in an attempt to reclaim the word.  (I mean really, should the worst thing you can call someone be a euphemism for a woman's vagina?)  All of the women in the VM, even if they start out kind of quiet and shy, discover their inner lioness, their voice, their courage.  It takes a lot of courage to get up infront of a crowd and deliver a monologue on such taboo subjects as domestic violence, rape, rape as a systematic tactic of war, hair and flooding.  Coincidentally(?) this year all of our actresses were women of curves.  It was nice experience to hang out with all of these bold, voluptous women with very little in the way of negative body talk.  It's very unusual to get a group of women together for anything, especially if it involves food in any way (like our cast party last night) and not have talk about diets or 'bad food', though it did come up now and then.  Really, it was rare. 

For me, size acceptance and feminism are very much hand in hand, for what should be obvious reasons.  Women either have bodily autonomy like the men in this world or we do not.  We can dress our bodies how we want, or we can't, and in a lot of parts of the world, we can't.  We can have babies if we want, but no wait, no we can't, not in some places.  Forced abortions are a reality for many women.  We can have abortions if we want or need, but no, we can't do that either, as access to services, legal or otherwise, is extremely restricted in many places.  We can eat what we want, but only as long as we don't get fat, or only if there is food to eat.  In countries where food is scarce, women eat last after thier husbands and children, but they do most of the work and they often go to bed hungry. 

The VM reinforces my passion every time I do it; it gives something constructive for me to do with all the energy I have that's tied into women's issues.  This year we raised nearly 2k for V-Day and our charities, two women's shelters in my town.  This feels good because I don't have money to give to V-Day myself, or the shelters, just my time and energy.  Though, right now? The energy she is LOW.  I've been waiting for my son to go to sleep for nearly an hour now (long past his bedtime) so I could get some rest.  Over the soft flamenco music coming from my stereo speakers, I can hear him snoring. . . Yup, he's flat out on his back, arms spread wide, blissfully asleep.  Me next!

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