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Working and working

August 18, 2011

The good news: I have a job! I'm now gainfully employed again! I don't start until August 29 but that's alright, it'll give me time to enjoy the rest of the summer, do tarot at Pagan Pride next weekend, and other fun stuff.

The not so good is that I anticipate more sporadic posting; I prefer to write in the mornings, during and after breakfast. It's just when it's best for me, when I'm relaxed and thoughts just flow. When I was in school I used to write my papers and do research at night but our nights are usually filled with Munchkin or movies now, so I'll have to work on a switch.

No actual post today but I do have some things in the works to write about; I'm going to take a look at fat women in anime & manga in a several posts series and I have something to share about a young girl named LaNiyah Bailey. I'll be writing at Fierce Fatties tomorrow about LaNiyah. Today is being taken up with some running around and going to the lake as it's Ryan's day off. Have a good one, folks!

Image courtesy & copyright Steve Jackson Games. I strongly encourage people to give Munchkin a try if you like A: RPGs B: Card games or C: Kicking in doors, killing monsters, stealing their stuff and/or stabbing your friends in the back.

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