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Writing All Over

December 4, 2012
Being on maternity leave I find myself with both a lot of spare time, and none. Katherine, when she's awake (which is often now), is incredibly time-consuming and that's not going to change as she gets older except in how she and I spend our time together. When she's asleep I try to fit in some 'me' time, which can include blogging, but usually also means a shower, food and clean clothes. It's a precious, fleeting time and this time around I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but at same time balancing everything I need to balance is sometimes difficult. So what do I do? Add more stuff to do!

Recently I saw two calls for blog help that I answered; one for Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome, a Canadian prochoice news blog, and one for Mothers of Change, a Canadian maternal healthcare advocacy blog. Pedgehog at AiA is looking for guest posts in the areas of reproductive health, parenting, reproductive rights, etc and since this space isn't the best place for that, but it's also something I'm really passionate about, I'll be guesting over there probably twice a month. At Mothers of Change I've taken on the position of Blog Editor, so while I wont be writing much, I will be editing, soliciting posts, organizing topics and posts by month and sometimes week, and yes, occasionally writing as well. Ontop of these two new jobs I  write biweekly at Fierce Fatties and have a series of 44 journal topics I want to tackle at my spiritual writing space.

Someday I hope to get paid for all this writing, so I've started tracking down sources and information on the childhood obesity panic with the intent of writing a book dismantling the same. (Feel free to leave your favourite links in the comments!) Whew! When I think about all the writing I'm going to be doing, I don't feel overwhelmed, just excited. I love to write, and I'm good at it and writing is a way for me to feel energized and make a difference.

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