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Yoga Challenge Interrupted

November 8, 2012
Last week I said I was starting a 30 day yoga challenge, thanks to inspiration from  my local yoga studio. The first bump came from the weekend; with Gabe and Ryan home I didn't feel comfortable doing my routines, so that was a bust. Then Monday night I noticed my c-section scar was looking funny. On the right side it's always been uglier than the rest, but Monday it was red and puffy and a bit sore/itchy. I asked Ryan to look at it and he grimaced and said "What did you do?" Tuesday morning I called my doctor's office and they made me an appointment to come in on Friday, unless it gets a lot worse or I develop a fever. I'm thinking I developed a minor hernia from the yoga, but I'm not sure. In any case, no more ab-focused yoga for me. I'm going to pick up a more simple and easy routine and just stick with that till the end of the month, unless my doctor says not too.

*sigh* This set-back upsets me a bit. It's been very nearly 3 months now since my surgery and this happens? How long am I going to have to pussy-foot around?

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