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Ah, my old enemy...

March 18, 2013

Sunday I went for my first 'real' run. I left at about 11:30 and was back by noon, going along this route here. It's approximately three and a quarter kilometers, which is not quite two miles. I meant to go along this route but it started raining a bit and I wanted to get back sooner rather than later. Along my route I saw robins, juncos and got to pet a couple of really gorgeous half-masked St. Bernards. The way home, up through the trees, was the most difficult as it has a lot of up and down, and stairs.

I was fine until I hit the stairs. The creek trail descends and ascends quite steeply in two spots and stairs are the only option. My thighs, they burned! I actually had to stop for a few seconds and gather myself before going up both times, but shortly afterwards I was fine and nearly home, so I just kept going. Sometimes my stubborness is a real gift.

Things learned:

  • My shoes are still good enough
  • Capris yoga pants rock for running
  • Even when it's 'cold' and drizzly all I need is a t-shirt and light sweater
  • I can run for a maximum count of 35 4/4 bars before I have to stop. Musician training never really goes away I guess!

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