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Body Acceptance Resources for Parents

October 28, 2013

Are you a parent or guardian or just have nifty young people in your life? Are you worried about the kind of messages they're recieving, and the messages you're sending, when it comes to body image? Do you worry your child might be developing a bad relationship with food or exercise? Or an eating disorder? Would you really like to get your hands on some resources and figure this all out? Then head on over to A Mighty Girls parenting and body image/self esteem section of books and see what they've got that you need. Heck, the book I wanted to write is in there, already written! There is a LOT here and it's not *all* girl specific (though that IS what the site is for; raising empowered girls) so have at it! Please share your favourite find in the comments and have an excellent Monday. 

In non-FA/HAES news, I have a new job at a pet store down the road and start today. It's only part time and minimum wage but it's a start. This morning I have an interview with another business, a kid's clothing store for a team lead position, and I'm hoping to get that too. It'll add up to full time! Keep your fingers crossed for me, and if you can spare some change, hit up the donation button so we can move our stuff to our new home in Kitchener. Thanks a million!

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