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Couch to 5km Continued!

May 1, 2013

Five minutes doesn't seem like a long time when you're sitting around chatting with a friend or surfing Facebook. It flies by when you're a kid and the parent says "Five more minutes!" at the playground. Then again, five minutes can crawl past as slowly as a banana slug trying to safely cross the sidewalk. It's all perspective.

This week my marathon training has me doing two, five minute runs interspersed with some shorter ones. When I heard that at the beginning of my podcast I was nervous. Five minutes? I've never run for five minutes in my life. Last week was only three minutes! What does he think I am? The Flash? Still, I gamely warmed up and went through my first short run and break, a three minute run with a two minute brisk walk. Three minutes was the longest I had done but by the end of last week I was comfortable with it. Then Robert's voice came on telling me to prepare for my longest run yet and to go! So I went!

And I did it. It was amazing! I wasn't fast but I wasn't walking, that's for sure. I chugged along like the little engine that could and had a silly grin on my face when it came time for my break. The next shorter run flew by and while it was doing so I was thinking of things and something very interesting happened, and then it was another five minutes and cool down to go home. The whole experience was empowering and I'm looking  forward to going out today as soon as Kat is napping. Five minutes? BRING IT ON.

By Kium at DeviantArt.com

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