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Fat and NOT Afraid

May 6, 2013

Back when I was thinking of starting a fat acceptance blog I thought long and hard about what I was going to name it and eventually settled on what you see up there; Fat and Not Afraid. Fear is something we're all familiar with but something I chose to do the hard work to conquer. I wasn't going to be afraid of my body anymore, the changes it makes, the way it looks or the way it looks attracting attention. Well, at least most of the time-I'm still working up the courage to buy a real bikini.

The thing is, where there's love, it's hard for fear to be there too. When you love someone and they're in trouble, you don't hesitate to help them, even if it might mean putting yourself in harm's way. If my kids or husband were in danger my love would give me courage and strength to do the impossible. When you love yourself, there's nothing you can't do for yourself, either. Nothing is impossible, even giving up the yo-yo lifestyle of dieting. When I began writing here I realized that I loved myself enough to stop being afraid, and by writing I'm passing that compassion on to others, hoping they'll find their way to self-love. We say that if you love someone, you accept them for who they are. Why is it different when it comes to ourselves?

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