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Fighting Frumpy

April 1, 2014

Generally I prefer to think of myself as casual, leaning towards business casual depending on the situation. TeeFury shirts make up a large chunk of my wardrobe, along with jeans and plain longsleeve shirts that are great for layering since Spring hasn't really gotten here yet. (I will note, however, that it's been above freezing and raining the last 24 hours, so at least the snow is melting!) While I don't really give a damn about what other people think about how I look, I do *try* at least to look put together when I leave the house; matching accessories to my outfit, clothes that look and feel nice, hair done (which amounts to brushed and up, bangs done), teeth brushed and maybe some coloured lip gloss.

The one place I find where I fall decidedly from casual to frumpy is the pajama department.  Most of my pjs are just old t-shirts of Ryan's, with the recent addition of two pajama sets that are painfully frumpy. One set is, I kid you not, zebra striped with bright pink buttons down the front, and the other is all pink fleece with heart patterened pants. They're super comfy and perfect for kicking around the house, but they cross the line, even for me.

There's something about the word frumpy that I hate, and when it's applied to what I'm wearing, it makes me feel like I need to try harder. Frumpy is old, ugly, unkempt, unacceptable.
That anyone would say I look frumpy (I'm looking at you, husband!) makes me want to go on a shopping spree. I would love to have nice kicking around the house after a long day clothes, things that match but aren't made of flannel or have cute animals on them.

What is the frumpiest thing you own, if anything? Do you love it or hate it?


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