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How Could It Be Worse?

August 16, 2013

MSNBC has a story up that's got some brand new conclusions and data dredging about The Obesity Epidemic!!11!!! to scare people with, complete with a headless fatty photo to start things off on the right foot. Despite recent studies showing that a few extra pounds can be good for you in the long run, protecting from disease and heart attacks and into your old age, Ryan Masters looked studies of people's BMI and their own self reporting and has decided the following:

"Obesity kills far more Americans than we think it does, according to a controversial new study that suggests obesity accounts of about 18 percent of all deaths in the United States - three times previous estimates."

Thankfully other experts in the field are taking apart his methods and calling his conclusions into question so I don't have too. It's probably a good idea to head over and read the whole thing incase someone brings it up as some kind of red herring AHA! on your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline. Have a great weekend!

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