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How Far?

May 13, 2013

Last week's running mostly didn't happen except for the Sunday run though I did fit in two 5km walks; however, it didn't feel the same. So yesterday I didn't download and play my usual podcast (which would've been week six I believe) and instead laced up my shoes and threw on Bif Naked's Essentially Naked album. After a week 'off' I wanted to see what I could do so after a one song warm up I started jogging and didn't stop for a long time. How long? 2km! I couldn't freakin' believe it.

The first rule of the zombie apocalypse is cardio.

 After a short break I jogged some more, until my thighs were plenty mad at me, then walked the rest of the way home. All told I did 5km mostly at a jog, which is my furthest Sunday yet, and on Wednesday I'm looking forward to whatever my podcast tries to throw at me. I think I psyched myself out last weekend when I heard on the podcast that by Friday I'd be expected to do a 20 minute run; first day was 3, five minute runs  (which I did no problem), then 2 eight minutes, then twenty in one stretch. 20 minutes? That's far, and I'll admit I was intimidated, which is in part why running didn't happen. Throw in that Ryan's on a new schedule and finding the right time to go was difficult. This week? This week I'm going to go for it and kick it's ass.

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