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Jog On

March 5, 2014

This time last year we were living in a cute but tiny apartment in Colwood and I began running. At first I just jogged along until I couldn't, took a walk, then jogged some more, and so on. Then I downloaded the Couch to 5k program for my mp3 player and got serious, signing up for the Victoria Goddess Run. Three months later I participated in my first race, ending solidly in the middle for the 5k group, an achievement I'm still proud of today.

 Currently it's -16C and there's enough snow and ice out there to stop but all the most serious joggers. As I am definitely NOT the most serious, I'm waiting for the weather to warm up some and at least the roads to clear, nevermind the sidewalks. Waiting is hard though. I want to be out there plodding along, enjoying the season switching over from Winter to Spring, listening to my breath and the crunch of my shoes on the gravel, escaping into my own thoughts for an hour here and there. I'm leaning towards this Spring like a sunflower towards the sun; I feel like change is coming once the snow melts. By the Equinox I'll have been back here for six months, through two seasons, through all the darkness the world can throw at me. I want to jog on.

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