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Killer Kurves? No Kwestion

October 7, 2013

c Alexis Kelly Photography

The title is horrible, I know, but it's late on a Sunday night after I got soaked in the rain earlier, and before that was awake at 6am with Kat and a blown out diaper. To combat all that interesting stuff, check out this amazing interview with plus-sized model Elly Mayday, her teal hair for ovarian cancer awareness (which she was recently diagnosed with) and her gorgeous pin up photos! It's always great to discover something or someone new, and for me, seeing women who have a similar body shape to my own being out there and admired and doing what they love is a huge pick-me-up. Here's hoping you had a great weekend; why not tell me about it in the comments? Don't forget to share this post on your FB Wall, Pin it or Tweet it! It really helps me out.



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