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October 30, 2013

Tuesday I had some spare time so I finally took myself and Katherine downtown to the mall and the new ladies clothing store that opened up at the beginning of the month. I was excited about it because maurices' carries clothes from size one to twenty four; the best before was only up to eighteen. From what I'd seen online it was stylish and not over the top, but I was worried about price. Some of the shops in the mall, like Bootlegger and Le Chateau, are very pricey; $60-$100 for a new pair of jeans, $50 or better for a nice sweater or long sleeved shirt, and dresses in the $80-$120 range.

Coffee and stroller in hand I took myself into the store and did a complete walk through and within a minute or two I was really impressed; the fall colours (always my favourite) and styles are great and really do cover that wide variety of sizes I mentioned. The plus sized clothes were simply bigger versions of the same things on the rack in size one or two and all of it had a slighty dressy but also casual feel to it. Lots of pieces easy to dress up or dress down, depending on what you need. A couple of sweaters caught my eye and I pulled them off the shelf or hanger to feel and again I could immediately tell from the weight of the fabric these weren't cheaply made, but the prices were very reasonable. Unlike at some stores, I could really make $50 or $100 go a long long way-jeans, shirts, nail polish, jewelry, shoes and boots, they've got everything. When a salesperson approached me I made sure to let them know that I liked what I was seeing, especially the items in the plus sizes. It really felt like a lot of what was available was made for me.

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