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Minimal Baggage

August 8, 2013

As I've mentioned here and there before, mostly at Fierce Fatties, I've been having some troubles with my gallbladder. The last couple of weeks it's become a lot more frequent, so I've decided to start a low-fat diet (for lack of better words) in order to keep from having the fire of a thousand suns invade my chest on a nightly basis. My gallbladder has decided that Fat Is Bad and is having trouble digesting it, and combined with several gallstones that have appeared over the last how-ever-long, so now the foods I've long loved are verboten. Goodbye hamburgers! Adios, bacon! Cheesecake, I hardly knew ye.


I have minimal baggage when it comes to food and eating. Luckily I didn't jump on the dieting and body-hate bandwagons as a teen, and despite both weight gain and loss over the last near decade thanks to two pregnancies and other factors, I've managed to maintain a pretty even keel. Yes, there have been my share of days where I wanted to change things about how I look, especially the way my stomach is now after two c-sections, but mostly I'm fine with being me and the size I am. The vast majority of the time I eat what I want, when I want, provided we have it around the house or the store is open and I feel like going to go get it. It took me a while but I got past the idea that I have to eat every bite on my plate, even if I'm already full or I don't like what's on it. Now I find myself resisting this idea that I have to change how I eat. For someone recovering from an eating disorder, or even just who has a worse relationship with food and their body than I do, I can't imagine what needing to go on a low-fat diet might do to their head. I'm resisting partially just because I'm stubborn like that, but also because I don't know what a low-fat diet will do to my weight, and I am DONE with all the weight-loss. But then again, I might not be. If I was someone who'd battled their way clear of an eating disorder, or who had embraced HAES recently, it might be a different story.

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