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Sugar Highs and Lows

February 15, 2013

Some days I just want to shout "What the HELL!?" at myself. The hair I can handle with enough clips and elastics so I don't look like a Labradoodle, and at least it's not falling out anymore. The boobs I'm learning to deal with, and maybe even eventually love; I know they're not done changing so I might as well just accept what happens as it happens and not fret. The weight loss also seems to have stopped, which is nice, but who knows what will happen once I stop breastfeeding? The latest in the ongoing saga of post-pregnancy Jen is watching my blood sugar like a hawk watches a rabbit. I'm back to counting grams of sugar and avoiding things with high fructose corn syrup/fructose-glucose because holy hell do they mess me up, seemingly at random. 

By random I mean even though last week I had a bagel (whole wheat) with butter and cream cheese, bacon and eggs, my coffee sent me for a loop that lasted for hours. I only put in two sugars! I had one night where I was looped, and woke up looped the next morning, which made breastfeeding Kat at night all kinds of fun. Running my shoulder into the doorframe had to be my favourite part. I wish I could remember what I ate, because I'm not one to buy and eat a lot of sweets. I think it might've been a chocolate bar.

And yet, Monday I bought a Snickers because I was hungry, and an iced tea, injested both in a short period of time on a relatively empty stomach, and no ill effects. WHAT THE HELL. I seriously don't get it and am tempted to make an appointment with our awesome doctor for a fasting blood sugar test. With my family history of diabetes, it's probably not a bad idea, and doing it before we move (Omg what a saga that is I'm not getting into) might be best. Hey, at least with this move I'm not eight months pregnant!

What's the last thing your body did that completely surprised you? Leave a comment, and have a great weekend!


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