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Sunday Runday

March 25, 2013

Yesterday was my promised me-time; an hour's run from here to the lagoon and back. It was a bit chilly but by the time I was not even halfway through I'd tied my sweater around my waist and didn't even notice the breeze anymore. The beach was deserted and in the distance I could see not only Victoria but Mount Baker beyond. Every time I see that mountain it takes my breath away; it's so far away but it's still so big on the horizon. I'd like to see it up close someday!

On the way back I almost decided to go up through Latoria Creek park like I did last time, but didn't. Why? Because the biggest mistake I've read that newbies to running make is over-doing at the beginning, and I didn't want to do that. Right now being a weekend-warrior is bad enough. Struggling up those stairs again, after I'd already gone down to the ocean and lagoon and back, would have been too much. I'm in this to train for a marathon, and I want to do it right. (For a really great post on being fat and running, head on over here and see what Lael has to say!)

Also, my shoes? Not good enough anymore! They're in much worse shape than I realized. As you can see from the photos, the sole is coming right off on the bottom so Monday is shoe-shopping day and hopefully I'll hit some kind of sale. I also want to get to Lush as a post-run shower with something delicious smelling sounds like a great idea. I'm leaning towards the Bohemian bar or Demon in the Dark; either scent will invigorate the mind and clear away and lingering cobwebs. Then again, something really luxurious might be the way to go... I'll let you know!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?

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