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Where are all the Fat Kids?

July 8, 2013

Being a parent I get to go to a lot of kid friendly places on a fairly frequent basis; beaches, parks, pools, splash pads, you name it, I'm there with my munchkins doing fun things as often as we can manage. It gives me a thrill to watch Gabe running around and being a kid with other kids. I glow with pride every time someone compliments Kat on her beautiful blue eyes or deliciously chubby cheeks. Being around other parents and their kids and keeping an eye on everything gives me a chance at some grownup interaction on a semi-regular basis that doesnt' revolve around work. 

This past Saturday I took the kids for the first time to our neighbourhood park and splash pad. It is SO cool; it's got a slide down into a depressed area with four or five pipes and other spigots that have water pouring or shooting out onto this semi-soft sortof concrete surface. There must have been nearly 30 kids there with their families, everything from babies in their daddy's arms hanging out in the shade off to the side to one kid who was probably bordering on double digits. You know what I didn't see? Fat kids. I didn't see hordes of fat kids running around, blubber exposed by their bathing suits for the world to see, daring to have fun with the other 'normal' kids on a sunny, hot day. I thought they were supposed to be everywhere? An epidemic-a third of the kids I saw there should've been HORRIBLY OBESE. I saw maybe one kid who might be called fat, and then only by someone trying to be a jerk.

Sure, it's anecdotal evidence, but I hold it up and say "There is no obesity epidemic". Just look around; kids aren't getting fatter, we've just moved the numbers around to make it look that way. Kids are getting sicker though, and more afraid of their bodies, and more likely to diet or develop eating disorders, serious shit like anorexia or bulemia. They're more likely to hate themselves than ever before. This concerns me far more deeply than their percieved weight.

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