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Pride Month is HERE

June 9, 2017

Pride week questionnaire, stolen from a friend.

Sexuality: I'm bi; I am attracted to people from both (main?) genders. This doesn't change because I'm married to a man, it just makes things more fun.

Pronouns: She/her.

Gender identity:…

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Electoral Reform: Graphs and Percentages

February 6, 2017

Late last week our Prime Minister broke one of his biggest election promises; that the Liberals would not be moving forward with electoral reform. I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed. The first past the post system we currently have isn't any go…

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A Woman's Place is in the Resistance

January 25, 2017

How much things can change in just a week! Since Trump's inauguration on Friday, America has been going downhill far more rapidly than I ever thought possible. How is it that one man can undo so much of what was achieved in the last 8 years?

To co…

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Blood Red Thread

December 7, 2016

In the past few months I've had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with an entirely new group of women because of my transfer at work. It began with moving from the Soo to Sudbury and transferring from downtown to the north end cemented it. It has b…

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Buckle Up

November 14, 2016

Hi everyone! It's JeninCanada and I wrote something I felt I just had to say out loud. It's been quite a week, hasn't it? Leonard Cohen died, I'm being transferred (by my request) to a new branch, my mom and sister in law were in town this weekend fo…

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In Defense of Racists?

September 23, 2016

Last week and part of this week was vacation; my first ever all by myself drive to and from Sudbury to the Sault to visit with family and friends. It was spectacular in that it was perfectly ordinary; coffee with one friend, lunch with another, hitti…

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Google Alert! Shields At Maximum

September 8, 2016

Back at the beginning of July I set up a series of Google alerts to do a bit of an experiment; if I was actually looking for it, how much bad news could I get in a month? I set the search criteria as follows on July 9th, with the results:

  • Appro…

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Standing with Pride

June 12, 2016

Sunday never seems to be a good news day lately; too many shitty things happening overnight at clubs. I went to work today and kept an eye on the news feeds about the Orlando, Florida gay nightclub massacre and was overwhelmed with how supportive s…

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We're all People Under the Same Sky

November 24, 2015

Generally if I'm going to be political it's for body or feminist reasons, things that hit close to home for me. Since this summer, however, when I started reading about how many refugees are in the world, especially from Syria, home has become a bit …

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Remembrance Day

November 11, 2015

Today is Remembrance Day. It's cold and foggy outside. My media streams are full of images in black and white and red; soldiers in tanks, crosses and poppies, medals, uniforms and flags. Services are in an hour, culminating in a minute of silence for…

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Another Murder-Suicide

April 26, 2015

I was unsurprised earlier this week to read a headline at the Huffington Post Canada site that a man in Saskatchewan had murdered his girlfriend LaTasha Gosling and three of four of their kids. Completely and utterly unsurprised. Violence against wom…

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In Defense of Feminism

June 21, 2014

Have I ever mentioned I don't like change? I hate it, and when I say hate I'm not being hyperbolic. I hate it. It is hard for me to change my mind even in the face of good data, but I *will* do so eventually. For example, the other night I was compla…

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Raise the Wage

January 22, 2014

Let's get a few things out of the way; I'm 29, mom of two, university educated, (I have a BA and an additional certificate) and am working for barely above minimum wage roughly 40 hours a week at two part-time jobs. I've worked part time most of my l…

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I Overpay My Babysitter

January 14, 2014

While my mom is out of town in Mexico avoiding all the snow, slush and now ice, I needed to find another sitter for Kat during the day and Gabe after school.  With my sister-in-law out of comission due to pregnancy I gave a distant cousin a ring (the…

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Round Like Mom

January 7, 2014

It's been six years now since I got into fat acceptance and health at every size. Hard to believe but it's the truth.  When I got into this my son was only a year and a half; now he's a giant seven year old and, while sometimes he still thinks out lo…

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Blog For Action 2013

October 16, 2013

The United Nations Declaration of  Human Rights is the single most important document written in recent history. These 30 articles, penned at the end of World War Two in the hopes of making 'Never Again' a reality, put into words the fundamentals for…

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DEFEND-not defund-Abortion

October 3, 2013

Today, online and off, there are Defund Abortion 'rallies' happening across Canada and Twitter. I only found out about it last night and therefore quickly threw plans together to head to my Member of Provincial Parliament's office today with a letter…

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Hello My Name is FEMINIST

September 23, 2013

It's hard for me to imagine but I still run into people who treat feminist/feminism as a dirty word. "Oh, I could never call myself a feminist." "Could you stop being such a feminist?" I'm sorry, but do you have a problem with the fight for equal rig…

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Phoenix, Marvel Girl and SuperGirl go to a Con

September 16, 2013

I saw this picture up on a few Facebook pages this morning with a lot of 'how cute!' commentary, and how great it was that these particular super heroes were getting some love. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of Marvel Girl aka Captain Marvel and …

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Odd Duck

June 26, 2013

It's been two and a half weeks since I began my new job and things are finally falling into place; I spent the first week training on the phone with Prim and learning some paperwork, aaaaall last week and two days this week attempting to enter paymen…

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