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Keira's Kollection: Empowering Apparel

January 14, 2013

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to dig deep and donate last week. As promised the donation button has been removed, hopefully never to be seen again. While I'd like to get paid for my writing, I don't feel like FaNA is the place it's going to happen. I'm still looking into sponsored posts, ads and other kinds of writing, but so far nothing's panned out. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Now, you may be wondering, what is Keira's Kollection? Well, let me tell you! It's a brand-new line of empowering clothing for girls and women founded by a dad who wanted better for his daughter than a shirt that says "I'm too pretty to do my homework so my brother does it for me".  I think we can all agree that t-shirts that teach girls that just being pretty is enough to get by in life are, to say the least, misleading at best, and misogynist at worst. 











 These shirts were pulled from JC Penny but you can still buy similar ones almost anywhere. To balance things out, Kevin Watts, founder of Keira's Kollection and father of six year old Keira, started making these instead:

So awesome. BUT! The shirts only go up to XL. Not awesome. Friday night I sent them a message asking the following: Hi there! Congratulations on a truly inspiring line of clothing. This is definitely a step in the right direction for young girls and women everywhere. I'm curious to know if you're planning on offering sizes larger than XL? Finding nice clothes as a larger woman, or a kid, is very difficult, and these clothes not only are beautiful but confidence building. Having confidence is one defense against developing eating disorders, something affecting more and more young girls, at younger ages. Thanks for your reply!

They wrote back right away, saying that not only are they planning on heading up into 2 and 3XL, but that he was happy to hear from me. Yay! Keep your eye on Keira's Collection this week (that's when the 2XL is supposed to roll in) and in the future.

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