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Minimal Baggage

August 8, 2013

As I've mentioned here and there before, mostly at Fierce Fatties, I've been having some troubles with my gallbladder. The last couple of weeks it's become a lot more frequent, so I've decided to start a low-fat diet (for lack of better words) in ord…

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Goldfish Brain meets Gallbladder

April 8, 2013

On Saturday afternoon I packed up the kids and took the double-decker bus to downtown Victoria just for something to do. We went to the Bay Centre and wandered around for a while; Gabe picked up a new Skylanders Giants toy and then we went up to the …

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Diets, Dying and Do-Overs

April 1, 2013

Trigger warning for hospital visit!

When faced with what we think is our hourglass running out, a lot of thoughts can run through our heads-at least, I know what runs through mine. I worry about the people I'm going to leave behind, I wonder if I di…

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Sugar Highs and Lows

February 15, 2013

Some days I just want to shout "What the HELL!?" at myself. The hair I can handle with enough clips and elastics so I don't look like a Labradoodle, and at least it's not falling out anymore. The boobs I'm learning to deal with, and maybe even even…

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