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Fighting Frumpy

April 1, 2014

Generally I prefer to think of myself as casual, leaning towards business casual depending on the situation. TeeFury shirts make up a large chunk of my wardrobe, along with jeans and plain longsleeve shirts that are great for layering since Spring ha…

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My Little Beauty

January 10, 2014

As previously mentioned, I have very little of what people would call 'style'. I'm very much a jeans and tee shirts person. The number of pairs of shoes I own is in the low single digits. I've had the same small bag of cosmetics for a decade, and w…

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maurices Made For Me

October 30, 2013

Tuesday I had some spare time so I finally took myself and Katherine downtown to the mall and the new ladies clothing store that opened up at the beginning of the month. I was excited about it because maurices' carries clothes from size one to twen…

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Killer Kurves? No Kwestion

October 7, 2013

c Alexis Kelly Photography

The title is horrible, I know, but it's late on a Sunday night after I got soaked in the rain earlier, and before that was awake at 6am with Kat and a blown out diaper. To combat all that interesting stuff, check out this amazing interview with plu…

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